Things to Know

leo-cullum-i-was-just-going-to-say-well-i-don-t-make-the-rules-but-of-course-new-yorker-cartoonA few things you should know going into a foreclosure/credit card action:

  • You have options – but, there are so many more at the beginning and they narrow down pretty quickly as things go on;
  • Know that the bank/mortgage company is always – always – going to act in its own interest, not yours, so customer service revolving around late payments may not be a service at all;
  • In court, the lawyers for the bank/mortgage/credit card company sole focus is to move cases – nothing personal. Literally. They are paid for volume not to take a moment and assist you;
  • The Judge is not there to watch over your interests;
  • No one in the court – Judge, Clerk, Marshalls, Janitors – can give you legal advice, it’s simply not allowed.
  • If one of the above tell you to file a certain form with the comment ‘do that and you’re all set’ you’re not. All set. Ever. At best you’re merely up to date.
  • There’s a reason the Connecticut  Practice Book of court rules and procedures is so thick – there’s a lot of rules and procedures for everything that comes before the court.