Referrals (What I Do)

leo-cullum-i-do-corporate-divorce-and-malpractice-but-i-m-most-familiar-with-leas-new-yorker-cartoonIt’s a great day when I get a referral.  It’s nice to know the referrer knows, understands, and appreciates what I do for people.

Sometimes people send me potential clients who I can’t help- that’s OK., I almost always have a nice conversation and am able to refer them to an appropriate professional.

It’s frustrating, though, when I talk to fellow business owners at networking events – sometimes people I’ve known for years – who aren’t sure what I do.  That’s a failing on my part, I obviously didn’t do an accurate job describing my skills when I introduced myself, and it’s a pretty good indicator I probably need to invite that person out for coffee to discuss what we can do for each others’ clients.

In the mean time, here’s what I help people with:

-Mortgage questions and foreclosure– I’ll talk to anyone who is currently behind on their mortgage; thinks they may not be able to afford their mortgage in the coming months; is already in foreclosure. The earlier I see them, the more options we have.

– Credit card debt– I talk to people all along the spectrum:  never been late on a payment but are struggling to maintain minimum payments; have fallen behind; have debts in collection; are being sued for collection of unpaid cards; are having their wages or bank account garnished.

Those are the main services I offer.  Let’s get together sometime to talk about what YOU offer.